Have you ever noticed that you have been using a word a little too much? Maybe even realized there is no point that the word should be in your vocabulary. I am talking about negative words, which hold us back from our true potential. Words such as loser, failure, impossible, can’t, scared, sad, etc.

Sometimes these words become deeply implanted into our subconscious mind. This is when the real problems start.The subconscious mind is like our autopilot. It is where we store all of our previous life experiences, and helps guide our future. The reason why having negative words in your subconscious becomes problematic is because you begin to associate yourself with those words, and limit yourself through the thought of those words. The subconscious mind is interesting though because it cannot tell the difference between an imagined experience and a real one. By knowing this you can change how you think and go away from your bad experience into an imaginative positive one, which will ultimately alter your mood.

Now lets create a scenario where a person contains a negative word in their subconscious mind. The word is “stupid”, which came about through years of abusive language from their teachers. In this case this person may be replaying mental images of themselves receiving failing grades. Imagine going into a test “knowing” that you are stupid and that you continuously fail… If your sub conscious is that affected you may reach a point where the thought of passing does not even cross your mind, it has become “impossible”.

I have learned a way to help you take a negative word and replace it with a positive one, which will keep you from being stagnant. It is different, but if you want to see change in your life you have to be willing to change up your actions.

Symbolism Steps

First you must look in the mirror and really question yourself. Ask yourself “What word do I repetitively use that puts me in a negative state of mind and/or holds me back.” You must look yourself in the eye, and be completely honest with yourself. Once you have picked the word, write it down on a piece of paper.

Grab a lighter, and light that piece of paper up; this is where the symbolism comes in. As you watch that word getting burned away you are basically burning that word out of your life.

Now to make sure that that word does not become part of your vocabulary again you must complete the next step, which is to find an antonym. Everyday for as long as you need, write down that word on a clean sheet of paper. It may be something you do for a month or maybe something you do for a lifetime, but I definitely recommend you do it for at least a month so that you truly see the changes in your life.

Full of Courage

The word I chose to burn was fear. I have been doing this for over a hundred days and every morning I get out of bed to write down “courage”. This has helped out tremendously as I do things without hesitation now. I wake up more grateful, and with more confidence in my decisions, skills and abilities. It seems weird and you may not even see how it could help you, but I promise you that repetition is the father of learning. By writing down that word everyday (winner, success, enthusiastic, legend, courage, rich, smart) you are re calibrating your subconscious mind into seeing yourself as the person you know you can be.

The reason why I used the word fear is because at that time I was learning about the detrimental effects that fear has in our lives. Fear keeps us from taking chances, taking part of new activities, being committed, being different, facing our past, etc. It holds many people back from achieving their dreams, and I did not want my association with that word to hold me back.

“I am the greatest, I said that before I even knew I was.” – Muhammad Ali