Today I am going to be talking about The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra. This is a book that I think everyone should pick up as the content is gold, and it is a short read of only about 100 pages. I stumbled upon it not too long ago, and let me tell you it has had such profound effects on my life.

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Alright so lets get right into what this book is about.

Mr. Chopra defines a successful person as someone with “good health, energy, enthusiasm for life, fulfilling relationships, creative freedom, emotional & psychological stability, a sense of well being, and peace of mind.” These are not the actual laws, instead they are characteristics of the dreamer who goes onto manifesting their dreams.

To understand the seven spiritual laws, you must understand from where the author is coming from. He explains “that we are spiritual beings that have occasional human experiences.” Talk about flipping your perspective… I find this really interesting though because it gives us a higher sense of going out to do good deeds and looking out for one another. Our human selves are the side of us that tends to be a little more unstable and destructive. He goes on to explain that each of us has a purpose in this world, and that we must discover our “true self”. By understanding these two things you will have an easier time learning and applying these seven laws.

The Two Laws That Dramatically Changed My Life

  • Pure Potentiality – This law teaches you to live life without seeking for approval of others, which is fear-based. You must reveal your true self, which is immune to criticism, unfearful of any challenge and feels beneath no one. Through pure potentiality we are boundless and capable of anything. The three tips that he suggest to help you apply this law are to practice silence, non judgement, and to meditate.
    • “Today I will judge nothing that occurs”
  • Detachment – I think its fair to say that we all have a tendency to get upset when we do not get what we want. Well with this law you learn to go into each situation without an attachment to the result. This means that even if things do not go the way you want them to, you will be unaffected. This was revolutionary to my life because when I did not get what I wanted I would get in a mood, which most times affected a good portion of my day. Plus, nothing good results from attachment to things because everything in this world is in constant change.
    • “Attachment to money will always create insecurity”

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

  1. The Law of Pure Potentiality – Our essential nature is to have pure knowledge, infinite creativity, infinite silence, perfect balance, invincibility, simplicity, bliss and to be in the field of all possibilities.
  2. The Law of Giving – We must give in order to receive. Remember though that giving is a joyful act, and should never been done in a obligatory manner.
  3. The Law of “Karma” or Cause & Effect – “What you sow is what you reap.” If you are looking to attain happiness you need to learn how to spread happiness. Therefore, karma is an act of conscious choice making.
  4. The Law of Least Effort – This is the law of love & harmony. Make sure that your actions are motivated by the energy of love, and you will accomplish anything in that path because you are going with flow of nature.
  5. The Law of Intention & Desire – If you maintain a conscious awareness of your intention in the present moment then you will soon be able to manifest your desires. Remember that the future is created in the present.
  6. The Law of Detachment – If you want something in this world you must give up your attachment to the result. If you are attached to the outcome, and end up not getting what you want then you will be on the negative spectrum of life, which is detrimental to success.
  7. The Law of “Dharma” or Purpose in Life – This is the law of giving back to humanity through your talents, and the things you have learned from your experiences. With Dharma you must make sure that you are not saying “whats in it for me”, but instead saying “how can I help”.

These are only definitions of the laws, and by no means do the book justice of its content. The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success goes into great detail on the importance of each law and the benefits each law brings. The author does a good job of making this book easy to comprehend by adding exercises/tips at the end of each chapter that you can use to strengthen the application of each law.

“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow know what you truly want to become.” – Steve Jobs