My second mother (friends mom) has always said “Look your best and be your best at all times.” I love this phrase because it’s the base to manifesting a happy, successful and meaningful life. I have my own interpretation of this phrase, and I’d like to break it down to help you take the next step in being great.

Let’s start off with “Look your best”. It’s important to maintain a presentable appearance. People will feel comfortable getting to know you, and it will become evident that you are looking to move forward in life.

General Tips

  • Brush your teeth twice and floss once daily
  • Wash your hair everyday and comb it
  • Lotion your body
  • Brand names do not matter, what matters is the image you want portrayed
  • Smell good (cologne/perfume)
  • Exercise
  • Treat yourself from life’s stresses by getting massages
  • Focus on having proper posture

This will automatically boost your confidence in all areas of life, from getting ready for a big game to preparing for the interview of your dreams. Now you have to keep in mind that first impressions aren’t everything, but they do create a huge impact for future interactions.

So how do I create a lasting positive impression? There are many things you can do such as a firm handshake, eye contact, proper posture, etc. But the only one I want to discuss is giving a welcoming smile. It may not seem that important, but you are continuously transferring your energy to everyone you encounter. As humans we all have these things called “mirror neurons” which cause us to do quick mimic facial expressions. So basically by smiling you are implanting a smile on that persons face. (what a polite gesture on your part)

Next we’ll go to “be your best”. This all starts with what is going on in your brain. You have to work on your thoughts to make them positive. Trust me I know that this is challenging, but that’s all it is A CHALLENGE THAT YOU CAN OVERCOME! You are always in control of what is going on in your mind, and I am here to tell you that you are destined for greatness.

How can I become the best in whichever aspect of life I choose? I’ll give you two words that will change your life focus & concentration. I learned these words from Brian Tracy, a motivational speaker who specializes in the training and development of individuals and organizations.

Focus – keep your mind on a specific task, and being intact with the present moment.

Concentration – The act of isolating the activities you are doing. Do not try to multitask. There are many studies that there is no such thing as being a good multitasker. Some studies do suggest that women are better than males at this, but we are better off by concentrating on individual activities.

Apply these words to your actions, and you will begin to notice you are working towards becoming the best at the skill(s) of your choice.

And finally “at all times”. This makes the phrase as powerful as it is because as the days pass you will become more and more confident, comfortable, and competent. Remember if you look good, you feel good!

“The whole point of being alive is to evolve into the complete person you were intended to be” – Oprah Winfrey