When you go out and look around, you may notice that a lot of people suffer from poor posture. Our bodies become tight throughout our lives, which restrict us from performing at our peak performance, but the beauty is that we can heal our bodies. It may be confusing for someone who has never looked into it, but our bodies literally deteriorate in specific areas because of our experiences.

Bioenergetics – A system of therapy based on emotional healing by combining breathing and body exercises/stretches.

Today I will present an idea that I learned from Elliot Hulse, a fitness enthusiast, author and strength coach, who spreads his philosophies to the world through YouTube (You will definitely see another post on Elliot Hulse in the future). I have watched his videos for quite some time, and this idea of the Bioenergetics Stool is by far one of the most beneficial things to happen to my life!

As humans we are naturally inclined to be curl up as if we’re going into the fetal position. Think about the last time you got hurt or felt tired, your shoulders were probably rounded forward, neck was hunched etc. We feel safe here, its just a comfortable position to be in. What this stool does is break the habit of going into this position by opening your body up. By performing three stretches on this stool you will be able to stretch your entire body, which will ultimately heal any of your bodily tensions that you have been holding from life experiences and get back to feeling GREAT!

This is a short four minute video by Elliot Hulse, which shows you how to perform the three stretches. You can skip directly to the stretches by starting the video at minute 2, and watch how this stool will strengthen your body and improve your posture by reversing the comfortable fetal position and opening your body up.

Alright I know what your next question is… What do I do if I don’t have a Bioenergetics Stool? This is a homemade product, and you can get all the items you need from Walmart and Home Depot for a total of about $50. This is a bargain if you consider the fact that you are giving yourself an edge on your competition through these emotionally healing stretches. Below is a video on how to make the stool. If you live in the south Florida area, and do not want to make one just comment below. I will make a Bioenergetics Stool for you personally FREE OF CHARGE as long as you buy the supplies!


” If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” – Martin Luther King Jr.