Did you know that the way you approach your morning sets the tone for the rest of your day?

I know I’m guilty of having days where if I look back upon them it seems as if I was rotting away. I would wake up, eat breakfast, watch TV and feel like I needed to take a nap! Luckily I was able to realize that I was wasting my time doing nothing, and started researching how to be more productive. The method that has helped me the most and that I will be talking about is creating a morning ritual.

  • Morning ritual – Waking up and doing a specific activity that gives YOU a sense of fulfillment, and energizes YOU for the rest of the day. (Wake Up, Be Great)

Wake Up, Be Great

Having a morning ritual is critical to living a happy, meaningful and successful life. Every day you wake up, do something that makes you more energized and vibrant. Whether that is giving gratitude though prayer, going for a run, going to the gym, playing sports, doing yoga, giving yourself a pep talk in the mirror, or meditating. Whatever you choose, spend 15 minutes to an hour on it, and realize that this time is dedicated to YOU; this is the time away from all the emails, school, work, etc. (it can all wait)

Essentially what you are doing is practicing self love. If you start your day loving yourself, then you will naturally express that energy to the rest of the world. Do this consecutively and I promise you, you will be charged up and ready to take on the day. It might even get addicting to the point where you will start going to bed looking forward to your next morning ritual.

“Love the life you live, live the life you love” – Bob Marley